Top 3 Blog Commenting Platforms Reviewed

Is it time for a new blog commenting platform? WordPress, Tumblr, and other theme heavy blogging platforms often offer users the ability to change the default commenting system and if you’ve yet to do so it’s probably a wise move worth making. A robust commenting system should make commenting on a blog easy, intuitive, and encouraging. Here are the top 3 options worth considering:


According to a company blog post from this year, Disqus is used by an astonishing 75% of blogs who rely on a third party commenting or discussion system. It’s an impressive number and only validates the wide adoption of Disqus. As a commenting system Disqus offers numerous ways to sign in, social media sharing, strong spam filters, user profiles, and mobile applications. It also includes the ability to embed video within a comment, a nice addition that’s uncommon among most other options.
















Facebook is always looking for new opportunities to expand across the web, so when the comments plugin was released this past March its arrival came as no big surprise. For better or worse and much unlike the other two comment platforms, Facebook comments is all about Facebook. This is both advantageous and problematic. The good news is that Facebook is the worlds most popular social network and we’re reaching a point where just about everyone in the developed world has an account. The downside is that anyone who leaves a comment is at the mercy of the Facebook commenting system. There’s little room for anonymity (which is both an advantage and disadvantage), unless a commenter opts to go with the optional Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail sign in. There’s also the annoying lack of what can be called staggered comments, in which a user can’t directly comment under a 2nd tiered comment. It’s a small fault that’s difficult to overlook.


Livefyre is younger than Disqus by several years, but in 2011 it’s been able to gain notoriety and has become a worthy competitor. Livefyre has everything one would want out of a commenting platform such as an easy signup process, multiple ways to log in, user profiles, spam filtering, comment voting, and user ratings. Two features that really stand out are the dead simple way of tagging other commenters within a comment and a live listener count feature that lets you know an exact count of how many people are viewing a page in real time. Livefyre has a beyond helpful staff and have built a feature rich platform that’s hard not to like.

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