9 Free and Easy to Use Twitter Resources

You’re on Twitter. You’re following some people. Some people are following you.  Maybe you are developing some lists. Maybe you’re using hashtags and @replying your peers.

Now what?

One of the common questions that comes up is how can I make twitter scalable and more useful. Once you start following more then 100 people, life can get hectic fast. If your activities call for 10 minutes or 10 hours a day on twitter, you want to be using that time efficiently. There are many applications. Some are good, some are just plain bad, and a few are great. Let’s narrow in on the great ones.


This one is a no brainer. A desktop application that makes life a lot easier. Use it to organize lists and separate and sift through the clutter. It also has a great search feature.

alternative: Seesmic


Very similar to Tweetdeck, except for your phone.  On an iPhone, I will go with Hootsuite over TweetDeck because of its usability. Just like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite also incorporates MySpace and LinkedIn.

alternative: Echofon (thank you @NickWalsh for the recommendation)



For analytics, Twitalyzer is the app that makes the most sense. I am consistently delighted with the new uses that I find for it. Keep track of follower count, influence, and velocity (how often you tweet). The best feature is the recommendations tab where Twitalyzer will recommend ways to improve your use of twitter.

alternative: Twitter Grader

SoocialOomph (formerly Tweetlater)

This app is for three groups of people. Those that tweet frequently, those that will take a day or (gasp) a week off, and those that manage multiple accounts. Tweets can be scheduled in advance for any hour of the day and can be sent from multiple accounts.

alternative: Cotweet (thanks @CarrieBugbee for the recommendation)


If you’ve been on twitter for more then a couple of days, chances are you’ve met them. The people who follow you, only to quickly unfollow you for no apparent reason. Don’t loose any sleep over it, just sign up for Qwitter and receive a daily email that points out everyone who has done you wrong.

alternative: Goodbye, Buddy!


Without question, Twellow is the best twitter directory. I’m a proud vegetarian and have had many people follow me just because my profile states that I’m one. Twellow is great for searching for others who have similar interests or live near you.

alternative: Listorious

Friend or Follow


The concept is simple. The Following category is those that you follow, but don’t follow you back. Conan O’ Brian will never follow you back. Fans are people who follow you, but you don’t follow them. If someone tries to sell me a get rich quick ebook on real estate, then I tend to not follow them in return. Friends are people who you follow and who mutually follow you. I am @Jasonmkey and I try to follow everyone back who is a real person.

alternative: Twitter Karma


Is someone being particularly noisy? Silence them with Muuter. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about unfollowing someone whenever they go tweet crazy. You can also set a timer for how long you want the mute to be put on.

alternative: Twalala


Use Untweeps when it’s time to do a little bit of spring cleaning with the people you follow. Untweeps will let you know who hasn’t tweeted in over a month and might have jumped ship on their account.

alternative: FakeFollowers (slightly questionable, but gives a perspective on users who might be “fake”.

*****Extra Credit*****

Bit.ly URL shortening
customize your background

Did we miss something? Let us know about twitter apps that you’ve found to be the most useful.

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