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Webtrends, one of the leading web analytics providers, just launched a new product this week called Webtrends Social. It’s a self-proclaimed all in one social media command center and at first glance it’s an impressive looking tool. At its core Webtrends Social is a Facebook apps, pages, ads, and analytics bundle all rolled into one. The ideal user is an organization that’s looking for an easy way to create pages on the fly and monitor the growth of single or multiple pages.


The first question that may come to mind is why would anyone need an analytics solution if Facebook already offers one? It’s a fair question, but Webtrends Social is best thought of as a helpful addition to Facebook insights. The analytics dashboard conveniently displays total number of fans and active users and indicates if a page is trending up or down in popularity. The main dashboard has room for multiple pages and has a useful compare the competition feature. The demographics information is top notch and as far as visuals are concerned, is of considerably higher quality than what Facebook alone offers.


Webtrends offers just about every type of custom Facebook app one would ever need divided into two subcategories: Content and Engagement.

Apps that fall under Content include Twitter, YouTube, image gallery, coupon, landing page, Facebook invite, and custom HTML or Flash. Each app is easy to personalize and looks on par with or a step above any of the competition.

As compelling as the Content apps are, the Engagement apps are the bread and butter of Webtrends Social. These apps are meant to help brands connect with fans by offering interactive experiences such as polls, contests, forms, badges, quizzes, and voting.



















I was able to jump in and start creating stunning apps in a matter of no time without having to use iframes or HTML/CSS.


Webtrends Social has a nifty built in ad campaign system for enterprise users that serves as a one stop shop for Facebook ad management. It should be of great value to those who are consistently running ads and trying to maximize ongoing performance via click through rate.

For small business and casual page use, Webtrends Social is free for one page and one app.
Mid-level organizations can get 5 apps for $250 per month for pages that have less than 100K fans. Large enterprises and agencies receive unlimited access and all advanced features for $3000 per month

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