Why Blogging is A Great Opportunity for Small Businesses

I thinkSeattle business blog that blogging provides a great opportunity to increase sales for almost any business.

I recently wrote about the 10+ Reasons Why Every Business Should Blog. The most important reason to blog is that it will increase the amount of traffic coming to your business website. It will also increase the traffic from people who are specifically looking for something you provide.

One easy way to get started is to answer common customer questions each day. People often search for the answer of a question like: “What are best neighborhoods in Seattle for young kids?”. If you are a real estate agent and provide a blog post that describes the top 10 neighborhoods in Seattle for young kids, you could get a ton of search traffic from people looking to buy a house to accommodate their new kids.

The mistake that a lot of businesses make is that they stop updating their blog with new content. The blog becomes stale and neglected. Many bloggers lose their enthusiasm and their business blog hasn’t had a new blog post for months. This presents a great opportunity for those small business owners who are willing to take on “The Dip”. “The Dip” is an analogy that Seth Godin uses to describe the obstacles or barriers that prevent most people from becoming successful. Those who are willing to work hard enough to get past the dip that causes most people to quit, can reap the rewards of success. There are relatively few blogs that have been able to produce enough content to reach a critical mass and explode. Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example. He used video blog, Wine Library TV, to lift his parents liquor and wine store from 4 million in annual sales to a $50 million in sales and became a web celebrity. It was not an overnight success. It took Gary many years of recording a new video almost every weekday to get his current level of popularity. If you are willing to do the work, you can set yourself apart from many other businesses that have a blog with a handful of posts. The rewards can include strong rankings for very important keywords in your industry or geographic area which will deliver a strong flow of qualified leads that can turn into customers.

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