Why Pinterest Is So Great for Marketers and Fans

Marketers just can’t ignore Pinterest, it is simply the fastest-growing social site that we can remember. The virtual pinboard has users so engaged and fans that are rampant about pinning that usage has skyrocketed. The average Pinterest fan spend approximately 98 minutes each month pinning, food, wedding planning tips, crafts ideas, architecture, fashion and of course cute pet photos.

The site’s meteoric growth is unprecedented and  it is simply forcing itself to be part of the already crowded social marketing mix with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumple Upon, Digg and many other.

Some great facts:

  • Female dominates Pinterest with 87% female users vs 13% male.
  • It is the fastest standalone site to hit 10 million users
  • Pinterest is among the top referrer of traffic

I really like the video component of this infographic, it was entertaining and unique.

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