Why Quality Content Remains Supreme

We can never seem to get enough content. As consumers, more is always better. Content is anything that is a consumed with the mind, be it in the pursuit of knowledge, entertainment, or a combination of the two. Online content is vast, abundant, and never ends. With the birth of the internet, content has become easier to digest and increasingly easier to create. As a society, we’ve become obsessed with consuming it on a daily basis and we seek it out with an almost intuitive like fascination.

Search engines index sites partially based on content and consumers flock to sites with relevant content, so it’s imperative, especially from a marketing perspective, that content is created and distributed on a regular basis.

Examining the quality vs. quantity debate

The question that content creators must ask is
A. How much should I create and
B. With what scope of quality should I create it?

The answer isn’t as easy as one might assume.

Time and financial constraints must be taken into consideration. Creating a short video and transcribing it is easy, but creating a quality video takes time and investment. Creating a 300 word blog post is easy, but creating a post that’s both well optimized for search engines and is also a compelling read takes effort.

Would it be smarter to focus heavily on quantity or rely more on quality?
There has to be a balance.

Consistency is important.

We’ve come to expect consistency. Without consistency, consumers grow impatient. Loyalty is built on the promise of fresh material.

Why return to a website if it never or rarely offers anything new?

A site with regular visitors must also have regular content. What “regular” equates to is up to the creator. Once a week, once a month, or once an hour, regular content can mean different things to different people.  Again this is where the time and financial (as well as creative) limitations come into play.

Quality wins in the end.

A piece of A+ grade content and a piece of D- grade content are both equal to the big search engines, but in the end the quality piece will almost always win.

Why? Because consumers love quality.

The internet is full of mediocrity and incredible content is still hard to find. A piece of incredible content is more likely to attract links, is more likely to be spread across the social web, and communicates a message of quality to the consumer. Consumers will go out of their way to return to a site if they believe it has quality content on a consistent basis.

Start with quality, work on consistency, and increase quantity over time.

Image credit Abigail Thompson

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