Z2Live Helping Seattle Become An Epicenter In Gaming

Seattle Tech Roundup for Monday April 18, 2011

Q&A: The latest from Z2Live president and CEO David Bluhm TechFlash

David Bluhm brings a no-nonsense non-gamer perspective to the company credited with creating Trade Nations and gearing up for the debut of Dogfight, and he believes Seattle is the epicenter for the new wave of gaming. With a strong bottom line and a board packed with experience, Z2Live anticipates expanding into Android and beyond and tapping into the emerging base of mobile gamers.

Concur continues online travel expansion, invests $40 million in India’s equivalent of Kayak GeekWire

Global expansion is clearly a goal for the Seattle online expense management service headed by Steve Singh, adding India’s Cleartrip to a recent spending spree that includes Europe’s Etap-On-Line. A consumer crossover and entry into the Expedia-led fray could also be in the works for corporate trip advisor Concur.

Asemblon, Forging Ahead With Hydrogen Fuel Dream, Leans on Partners to Make it Happen Xconomy

With alternative energy more attractive than ever, affordable hydrogen could fuel success for Asemblon and its formula of smart science and sound strategy. Finding funds and readying the technology for market are challenges faced by the Seattle company and entrepreneur Michael Ramage, and they are relying on infrastructure investment and partners like Vision Industries to make an elusive dream a reality.

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