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oneaccord“Working directly with Sparkplug Digital significantly helped OneAccord through landing us on the first page of Google for key search terms that our target customer is seeking. I highly recommend his services to companies who want to be found online.”

-Jeff Rogers, Managing Partner OneAccord Partners

“Sparkplug Digital has a great handle on the practical issues that will help to move the needle on SEO. They also did a great job at executing SEO tactics that led to significant organic traffic growth for our website.”

-Rob Voce, President of LeadClearing LLC

“Cascade Healthcare Solutions has been extremely happy with both the professionalism and the organic growth results that our site has benefitted from thanks to Sparkplug Digital. If you are looking to improve your rankings and traffic growth for your site, Sparkplug Digital is highly recommended.”

-Kurt Ohlendorf, CEO of Cascade Healthcare Solutions

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5 Reasons to Invest in SEO SEO can be a tremendous investment for a businesses that can result in huge returns in the form of free organic traffic that can turn into leads that can be converted into sales. For example, Slingshot SEO recently calculated that owning a spot on the first page of Google for the term “health care insurance” has a 5 year net present value of nearly $100 million. 1. SEO provides ongoing value The analogy has been made that SEO is like buying a home, whereas Pay Per Click is like renting a home. With SEO, if you invest resources into ranking highly for a lot of keyword phrases, you can continue to receive traffic even if you stop spending time and money. With PPC, if you stop paying money, your traffic stops immediately.  [Continue Reading]

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